Hands & Feet



Hands are your business card, so they should be carefully manicured and always beautiful. Soft, smooth and velvety skin and healthy, well-shaped nails will make every woman feel beautiful. Healthy nails should be flexible and smooth. We do both traditional and biological manicures. During this service, we do not use any metal tools and do not remove cuticles (we will carefully push back cuticles towards the edges of the nail).

50 minutes 45 zł
1 Colour Opi Manicure, Opi Infinity Shine 60 minutes 55 zł
Opi French Manicure, Opi Infinity Shine 60 minutes 65 zł
Japanese Manicure

Japanese Manicure strengthens the natural nail plate and gives your nails a beautiful shine. It seals the nail plate and nutritions it, resulting in beautiful, natural nails with a unique glow of pink pearls.

Ingredients used during the treatment include: Vitamin A + E, keratin, bee pollen and silica from the Japanese sea. Japanese manicure is especially recommended for those with fragile and splitting nails.

It is recommended that you don't paint your nails for 4-5 days following the treatment, as the nail color simply won't stick to the nail.

Japanese Manicure makes a great addition to the bio-manicure. Combining the two shows off the natural beauty of your nails. The treatment lasts about 30 minutes, and should be repeated every 2-3 weeks to keep your nails well nourished.

CAUTION: This service is not suitable for those who recently got their artificial nails removed.

55 minutes 60 zł
IBX 1 visit, color only 30 minutes 30 zł
IBX Follow-up visit, color only 30 minutes 30 zł
OPI Manicure + IBX 70 minutes 75-85 zł
Hybrid Manicure + IBX 70 minutes 105-115 zł
Hybrid French Manicure 60 minutes 90 zł
Hybrid Manicure

Hybrid Manicure is one of the latest trends in nails design, recommended to women who look for natural looking and long-lasting effect. Advantages include: smooth and shiny coverage, resistance to streaks, chips, scratches and dents, which last up to 3 weeks. Hybrid manicure is hypoallergenic, and a lot less invasive to the nail's natural structure than other artificial nails are. It's a mixture of a traditional nail polish consistency and gel, which makes the manicure so flexible, shiny and resistant to every day wear-and-tear.

The manicure itself isn't much different from any other nail treatment you have experienced before. We will start off by preparing your nails, polishing them and removing any cuticles. Next, we will apply base coat, the color of your choice, and a top coat- each layer is hardened under a UV light lamp. The entire treatment lasts about 40-50 minutes.

To remove hybrid manicure requires another visit to the salon, as the traditional nail polish removes won't be able to take your manicure off. When your nails are clean, you can go ahead and pick any manicure you want- hybrid nail polish do not cause damage your nails.

60 minutes 85 zł
Hybrid Paint Removal 25 minutes FREE 30 zł
Kashmir Spa Manicure

Kashmir Spa Manicure contains of a traditional manicure, combined with peeling, warm paraffin bath and hands massage. This treatment will moisturize the skin from your palms all the way to your elbows, soothing any dry skin.

80 minutes 100 zł
Paraffin Bath

Paraffin treatment makes a big difference on the skin of hands and feet. It pleasantly warms up the skin and opens up the pores, which allows for a better absorption of active ingredients into the deeper layers of your skin, keeping it in perfect shape.

This treatment is especially popular during winter and fall, when skin suffers the most due to the low temperatures outside. Due to a very thin layer of fat stored underneath their skin, hands are particularly exposed to those adverse weather conditions- skin becomes dry, rough and may even peel.

20 minutes 40 zł
Mens Manicure

This treatment improves the overall appearance of hands and nails. The treatment starts by shortening and re-shaping your nails if needed, pushing back the cuticles and polishing the nail plate. We will then apply a lusterless conditioner to your nails; designed especially for men- it will harden and nourish the nails, yet it won't leave a trace! To finish your manicure up, we will apply moisturizing cream.

Every client receives their own nail file and wooden cuticle stick..

55 minutes 45 zł
Elaborate OPI Manicure 20 minutes 25 zł
Manicure with INDIGO Protein Base 60 minutes 55 zł


Pedicure 1 color Opi, Opi Infinity Shine

Beautiful, healthy and well-groomed feet are at the foundation of feeling beautiful and perfect. Delicate, silky smooth skin, as well as properly pampered nails add to the charm and confidence . Beautiful and well-groomed feet can be one of the sexiest parts of our body, and a reflection of class and elegance. Treatment includes a pedicure and a foot scrub.

90 minutes 120 zł
Opi French Pedicure 90 minutes 130 zł
IBX on the feet 75 minutes 30 zł + price of pedicure
Medical Pedicure

This pedicure is fully painless and safe. It significantly improves your well-being and visibly increases your overall appearance- we recommend it especially to those who appreciate the combination of beauty and health. During the treatment we use a scalpel and milling machine for the results second to none.

Medical pedicure is an excellent choice for those struggling with being pre-disposed to certain feet conditions, or for those suspecting unwanted pathological changes.

Our pro team will gladly consult with you to advise on best practices to avoid any mistakes you might be guilty of during your day-to- day feet care so you can enjoy life-long healthy and happy feet.

Performed regularly, medical pedicure guarantees perfect feet all year round. Say goodbye to any conditions or pathological changes that are difficult to treat or cover up!

120 minutes Extra 10-30 zł on top of pedicure of your choice
Medical Pedicure with conditioning color 75 minutes 100 zł
Biological Pedicure 60 minutes 100 zł
Kashmir Spa Pedicure

This relaxing pedicure makes a great escape from every day's worries. It will sooth your feet and restore their natural beauty, making it the perfect choice for those looking to release stress.

Treatment includes pedicure, feet mask, massage and nail polish of your choice.

70 minutes 150 zł
Pedicure and Hybrid Nail Polish

Hybrid combines the properties of regular nail polish with the durability of gel artificial nails. It is hypoallergenic, doesn't cause damage to the natural nail plate, and what's more, it's actually a great solution for those looking to grow their natural nails as it makes the nail plate resistant to day-to-day damages.

Hybrid pedicure eliminates chipping of nail polish and provides a flawless look for up to 5 weeks.


  • Applied just like a regular nail polish
  • As resistant as artificial gel nails
  • Long lasting color for up 3 weeks on hands, and up to 6 weeks on feet
  • No more chips
  • Non-invasive to natural nail plate
  • Easy to remove
  • Doesn't require time to dry up- you are ready to go as soon as it's applied

90 minutes 140 zł
Men's Pedicure 90 minutes 100 zł
Hybrid Collection on Feet 10 minutes 10 zł
Elaborate toe nail painting - hybrid 45 minutes 75 zł
Elaborate toe nail painting - OPI 45 minutes 55 zł
Foot peel 10 minutes 20 zł