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About Us

Welcome to Kashmir Spa!

Kashmir is the second Dermalogica Authorized day SPA in the Pomerania district and we are proud to offer our clients a wide variety of professional dermo-cosmetics.

2nd authorized

Spa in Pomerania

Introducing New Technologies!

We are proud to introduce three brand new devices available in Kashmir SPA: Abacosun’s Anti-wrinkles iron and Anti-cellulite iron, as well as IQ Lift Thermal Machine.

Anti-Wrinkle Iron from Abacosun

We iron your wrinkles!

Ultra–effective Vacu Elektro method involves simultaneous action of lipo-dermatology and TENS stimulation. It stimulates skin's natural regenerative processes by increasing the levels of collagen and elastin, oxygenation and nutrition of tissues. It turns back the clock of skin's aging and allows for quick and impressive results.

In a short time you will notice:

  • Reduced appearance of wrinkles
  • Firm skin and improved skin tone
  • “Facelift” effect and smoother skin
  • Tighter contour of the skin

In most cases, the effect of ironing wrinkles is already visible after the first treatment.

Price: face + neck - 70 zł - 20 minutes

Face + neck + neckline - 100 zł - 30 minutes

*Check our specials for more details

Anti-Cellulite Iron from Abacosun

Do you dream about smooth and firm body?

Try the proven method of VacuElectroColor.

It combines the forces of three powerful factors: TENS electrostimulation, lipo-dermatology and LED chromotherapy guarantees perfect results. It :

  • improves skin’s elasticity
  • reduces and breaks even the hard deposits of cellulite
  • stimulates the burning of body fat and shapes your body
  • tones the arms, abdomen and thighs
  • Push up gives more perky shape of breasts and buttocks
  • Improves the movement of lymph in your body

20 minutes 70zł

30 minutes 100 zł

40 minutes 120 zł

* Save 10%-20% by booking this as part of a package

IQ Lift Thermal

The IQ LIFT THERMAL method is an effective solution that activates the regeneration of collagen in tissues. Treatments allow you to get surprisingly rapid and lasting effects:

  • smoothing out wrinkles
  • smooth and improve skin tension
  • rejuvenation
  • reduce dark circles and fine lines around the eyes
  • lift sagging cheeks, chin
  • shrinking enlarged pores

The treatment involves massaging the skin using a special probe that emits RF energy to the deeper layers of the skin. Under its influence:

  • increases the temperature in the tissues, improving their oxygenation and nutrition
  • followed by stimulating the regeneration of the cells
  • followed by the restoration of elasticity to the skin and filling wrinkles

Price 10 minutes 50 zł

This treatment can be added to any Dermalogica treatment, or could be performed by itself

Our treatments will make even the toughest customers happy

Our Team

Malwina Natalia Markowsa

Malwina Markowska

Cosmetologist - Owner

My adventure with cosmetology started back in 2006, when I entered the Physical Rejuvenation and Cosmetology program at Joseph Rusicki’s institute in Olsztyn and became a licensed cosmetologist. Cosmetology has always been my passion and I couldn’t imagine pursuing any other career, so following my graduation from the Joseph Rusicki’s institute, I enrolled into Marine Academy to pursue a Cosmetic Products Management program, and into the SPA & Wellness management program at the "School of Tourism and Hospitality", which both resulted in a master degrees.

While pursuing my academic programs, I have actively worked in beauty salons and SPAs around Olsztyn, Gdynia and Gdansk and in 2011 my dreams finally came true- I opened up my first very own beauty salon- Kashmir SPA. From day one, I put an emphasis on offering a wide range of services to our guests, as well as on the personalized approach to each and every one of them.

In my profession learning never stops, and neither does my commitment to constantly improving my own qualifications. On a regular basis I participate in various courses, trainings and expos. I keep my ears close to the ground on the cosmetics market and selectively introduce new products and treatments to meet the expectations of our clients.

I am proud to be able to share my passion for cosmetology with those around me. In 2011 I started my adventure as a faculty member in a post graduate cosmetology program and I couldn’t be any prouder of the fantastic students I get to work with. After hours I am a mom to my beautiful daughter Iga.

Katarzyna Żebrowska

Katarzyna Żebrowska

Cosmetology - Dermalogica Therapist

My name is Katarzyna Żebrowska and I am a cosmetologist and therapist at Kashmir SPA. I graduated from Cosmetic Akademie Prenier in Gdansk in 2008, where I obtained a Beauty Services Technician diploma. During my freshmen year I knew that I had discovered my passion and found a career that matches my personality and will be very fulfilling. Knowing that, I enrolled into the Higher School of Health and Beauty Education in Gdynia from which I graduated in 2011 as a Licensed Cosmetologist.

While studying, I gained professional experience initially as a beautician and later on as a cosmetologist and now have over 7 years of hands-on experience under my belt.

While college years are long gone, I constantly enhance my knowledge and skills by participating in many beauty contests and training courses. Cosmetology is a passion that keeps me on my toes every day as it always presents new challenges and allows me to bring out the most beautiful things in people. My personal philosophy is to remind myself that frequently the best medicine is simply another person. Privately, I am a mom to my young daughter Nadia.

Wojciech Markowski

Wojciech Markowski


Who am I? A passionate therapist, a “bio-engineer” so to speak. For over 24 years, I aim to help my patients maintain their overall wellness by using manual therapy, as well as the finest holistic and osteopathic techniques. I am a certified therapist, with a diploma in Physical Rejuvenation and Physical Therapy. I studied at top universities in Poland (Gdańsk, Katowice and Wrocław) and since graduating in 1994 with a master degree, I have performed over a million treatments.

I worked with two Polish national teams, and four local teams. For over 10 years I worked in various hotels and beauty salons in Gdańsk and the surrounding areas. Since 1998 I became a trainer at the MANUS company, which I funded myself. I have also taught at Medyczne Studium Zawodowe in Gdańsk, and in Profesja and Progres post-graduate schools.

I have 4 certificates in the field of biomechanical Diagnosis and Treatment of Spine ailments from the head of the McKenzie institute in Poland, Tomasz Stengert phd, MD. Additionally, I have also practiced Hawaiian body work, Kino MANA, with Julian Rok, which allows me to offer my patients a variety of techniques, tailored to their personal goals and conditions.

I have been conducting my own research for over 10 years which has allowed me to create my own technique of manual therapy called the “FLO concept”.

I have worked with celebrities such as Sir Elton John, Norah Jones, Katie Melua, Rafael Nadal, David Ferrer, Guilermo Coria, Łukasz Kubot, Marcin Matkowski, Mariusz Fyrstenberg, Anna Rogowska, Basia Szewczyk, Joanna Tarnawska, Łukasz Czarnecki, Kamila Kajak, Adrian Kapała and many more.

My personal motto is “Kalos Kagathos”. I wield a sword well, ride a horse, climb, dance, read, sculpt, travel, and try to always be creative. I pursue many extra projects and participate in expeditions. I am involved in geocaching.

Patrycja Nosek-Agacka

Patrycja Nosek-Agacka

Make-up Artist

I am a Linguistics graduate and an English teacher. The makeup artist in me was created out of passion for cosmetics and new beauty products. My goal everyday is to make every woman feel beautiful and confident. I specialize in makeup concepts tailored to characteristics and features of individual faces. My emphasis is on attention to details, and using products of the highest quality.

Asia Byczkowska

Asia Byczkowska

Psycho Dietician

I graduated as a psychologist from the College of Social Psychology. I then improved my skills on a 2-year postgraduate degree in Family Therapy. I was also involved in training program by a large international corporation.

I have always been very interested in nutrition and its role in life. That's why I decided to start my education at the Dietetic Academy. It gave me a holistic view of patients, starting from the mind, and understanding its effect in all spheres of life.

I found that diet has a huge impact on our well-being, both physical and mental. So I am very interested in diet therapy with a special focus on food intolerances, obesity and gastrointestinal diseases. I show patients that what they're going through is not the end of the world and how changes can be made to improve their symptoms.

I am convinced that adaptation is the solution to happiness, and I am not talking about leaving behind cream and chocolate! At Kashmir Spa I am changing lifestyles to be healthier, lighter and less frustrating. At home, I am a mother of energetic boys.

Marta Hryniewicz

Marta Hryniewicz

Permanent Make-up

My name is Marta Hryniewicz and I am a cosmetologist, pharmacist, dermocosmetics specialist and a linergist. I have been active in the beauty profession for over 10 years. It is my passion! Thanks to many innovative pigmentation techniques, I have had the opportunity to improve and emphasize the natural beauty of Women! I invite you to come find out more.


The Bridal Experience

4 hours 650 zł

  • Special Lomi Lomi Nui massage, performed only on special occasions
  • Manicure with the best of OPI’s nail polishes
  • Facial including neck and neckline treatment with acupressure massage (based on your skin’s needs)
  • A gift from us- eyebrows shaping with tint
  • Green tea and refreshments to make your visit perfectly relaxing

Men’s Perspective

3 hours 350 zł

  • Men’s manicure with peeling and paraffin bath
  • Signature SHAVE Dermalogica facial designed for men
  • Relaxing whole body massage
  • Green tea and refreshments to complete the experience

Wonderful Moments

4 hours 1100 zł

For a Mother and Daughter or simply two best friends.

  • 2x full seasonal body treatments (peeling + massage + mask) performed simultaneously in the same room
  • 2x facials with acupressure massage (tailored to individual skin’s needs) performed simultaneously in the same room
  • 2x paraffin bath
  • 1x manicure using OPI nail colors
  • 1x pedicure using OPI nail colors
  • 2x brow shaping and tinting on the house as a gift from Kashmir SPA
  • Green tea and refreshments to complete you visit

* It’s also possible to upgrade the special to 2x manicure, 2x pedicure at an extra fee.

Romantic Kashmir
Spa Getaway

3 hours 800 zł

  • 2x whole body peeling
  • 2x Hot Stones massage
  • 2x Facial
  • Green Tea and refreshments

Permanent Makeup
Get Together

Call for details

Take two of your girlfriends with you and each of you will receive 50 zł discount on the treatment.

Birthday Party

Call for details

Celebrate your big day with us! Kashmir SPA will be happy to adjust its opening hours to match your party’s schedule. Price is based on the number of guests, and we can accommodate parties between 3 and 8 guests. Price includes small refreshments, as well as wine/Champagne.

It’s OK to bring your own food/ cake/ alcoholic beverages/ party games- whatever makes you happy, as long as you consult with us beforehand. Our team of 6 pros will be available to you.

Treatments available: express MicroZone 30 minutes, facials, body treatments, manicure, pedicure, and make-up consultations. Contact us for details and prices.

The Iron Special

Expand and learn more

Anti-Wrinkles and Anti-Cellulite Iron

Get a bundle and save:

  • 6-8 treatments 10% discount
  • 8-10 treatments 15% discount
  • 11-15 treatments 20% discount

Psychodietetics Packages

Expand and learn more

Starter Package - 280 zł

  • Consultation with body composition analysis and individual recommendations
  • Additional follow up visit with body composition analysis + 14 day meal plan

Academy Package - 250 zł

  • Consultation with body composition analysis and individual recommendations
  • Shopping with a dietitian
  • Additional follow up visit with body composition analysis

My Personal Goal Package - 450 zł

  • 4 consultations with body composition analysis
  • 14 day meal plan (to be used for 28 days)

Makeup Workshops

3-4 hours 250 zł per person

Our makeup workshops take place on Sundays, and the hours are based on our participants availability. Usually, our workshops take 3-4 hours and are set in small groups of no more than 5. During the workshops refreshments are provided.

Please come in with your makeup bag- we will make sure if its contents matches your skin’s needs.

We will also show you how to ace your day-to-day makeup, and share with you some tricks that will make you feel beautiful day in and day out without the need to spend hours getting ready.

Workshops agenda:

  • how to cover up dark circles underneath your eyes
  • how to choose beauty products that are a perfect for you and your skin
  • face contouring
  • how to find eye makeup that actually works
  • how to shape your eyebrows properly and how to fix the damage cause by years of shaping them in a wrong way
  • how to highlight your most beautiful features
  • how to enlarge your lips with makeup
  • techniques of the “perfect” eyelining
  • face brightening makeup, Victoria Secret Style

Our Reviews

Find out what our customers are saying about us.

  • I love this place and would heartily recommend it to others. Excellent treatments performed by superbly friendly professionals.

  • Professional and friendly service. I would recommend Kashmir to anyone looking for a unique place, where improving the body also soothes the soul :)

  • I am very pleased with my experience, great atmosphere and top notch treatments, I will certainly be going back soon :)

  • I highly recommend Kashmir Spa, very professional service, nice atmosphere, beautiful design and a wide range of deals. I have been a client for several years and always leave relaxed. Really worth it.

  • Great spa, the best service, a beauty salon that I am always happy to come back to. Thank you and I highly recommend it to others.

  • The best beauty salon in the world! Always customer focused, always with a smile, always performed to the highest level.


Gift Certificates

Give your loved ones a gift of beauty! The gift of feeling beautiful, pampered and special comes second to none, on any occasion.

Having troubles finding the perfect gift for your loved ones?

Looking for a gift that would be both special and practical?

Our gift certificates are perfect for friends, family and business partners on any occasion: birthdays, name-days, anniversaries, holiday celebrations, valentines, father days, mother days, kids days and many more.

What can Gift Certificates include?

It's completely up to you! You can either pick a treatment you want to gift, or leave the choice up to the recipient. You can also hand craft a menu of a series of treatments to truly spoil that special someone.


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Home Care

If you want to keep the benefits of your treatment for longer
check out our range of home care products.

Treatments at a SPA are a great opportunity to quickly improve the appearance of your skin and fix up any damages caused by the mistreating your skin or neglecting its needs. Unfortunately, not understanding your skin’s needs or using the wrong cosmetic products is the main cause of your skin not living up to its expectations.

If you want to fully take advantage of the treatments received at the SPA, proper skin care at home is a must.

During your visit at our SPA we will gladly discuss with you the pros and cons of various products, and give you all the tips on how to make the most of them.

If you would like, you can learn a bit more about products of the cosmetic products we carry below.