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Eyelash Extensions

Unfortunately, not every woman has been endowed by nature with long beautiful lashes. However, all is not lost. Nowadays, even nature can be improved. To meet the dreams of every women, we offer professional eyelash extensions using 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, and 8D million lashes.

We believe that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Therefore, we make every effort to best meet their expectations.

We are pleased to offer you a breakthrough in cosmetic beautification. Eyelash extensions allow you dear ladies to enjoy long lashes without using mascara. Our false eyelashes will make your eyes stand out. We offer a guarantee of a delicious and natural effect. For the ladies that like to stand out from the crowd, we offer brightly colored false eyelashes. We know you will be delighted.

Eyes are kept well-moisturized after surgery by the use of flakes of collagen to attach them. Eyelash extensions are very light so that they're comfortable and individualized profiles fit them to each eye.

We use the highest quality, anti-allergenic preparation for lengthening and thickening eyelashes - Our lashes are made from silk and Siberian mink. Eyelashes should be re-attached every 4 weeks to stay looking phenomenal.

We use a variety methods to give different eye shapes, e.g. (cat's eye effect, glamour, wide open eyes)

Our Secret Lashes method is recommended by TOP MODEL finalist - Kasia Smolińska

Eyelash removal 30 minutes 35 zł
Eyelash Removal for Kashmir Spa Clients 30 minutes gratis
Application of new lashes 1:1 120-180 minutes 220 zł
Application of new lashes 2:1 120-180 minutes 250 zł
Application of new lashes 3:1 120-180 minutes 290 zł
Reapplication of lashes every 4 - 5 weeks 75 minutes 120/135 zł


Eyebrows 15 minutes 15 zł
Eyelashes 20 minutes 15 zł
Lifting Eyelashes + botox + lamination 75 minutes 150 zł
Adjustment 15 minutes 20 zł
Waxing - Adjusting eyebrows 15 minutes 20 zł
3 in 1 35 minutes 40 zł


What you should know about hair removal?

Waxing is the most popular technique for body hair removal. When compared with other methods it ensures fast and long-lasting effect, and carries a small risk of complications. In addition it is also inexpensive.

The skin after hair removal may be slightly irritated and inflamed.

On the second day, after the skin has had time to rest, the redness will disappear and the body is smooth and soft to the touch.

The effects last for around 3-4 weeks depending on hair type and frequency of treatment.

NOTE: The clients that have never had hair wax or used an epilator, especially those that also shave with razors, may feel pain during the first treatment. The intensity will depend on their individual pain threshold. Each subsequent treatment will be less painful.

Why use wax to remove hair?

Aside from the aesthetics, which these days are an absolute necessity.

Firstly the pain! That's right, the first hair removal is not pleasant, but each subsequent removal is virtually painless, of course, it is on the condition that between treatments you DO NOT USE MACHINES TO REMOVE hairs.

Secondly - time! The treatment lasts approximately 30mins and you can have freedom from hair for a minimum of 2 weeks.

Finally - you'll have a smooth and pleasant body to touch

So m'lady! Let us cease using razors and leave them to the men;)

Care before and after waxing:


  • Waxing regularly to maintain great results.
  • Apply sunscreen before and after epilation.
  • Remember to wear proper underwear so the skin can breathe.
  • Exfoliate the skin regularly, starting a week after waxing.
  • Hydrate your skin and apply preparation like Depileve to prevent ingrown hairs.


  • Do not use razors between waxing.
  • Do not plan to exercise immediately after waxing.
  • Do not sunbathe and do not use a solarium before waxing and until after the irritation has abated.
  • Do not take a hot shower, bath, sauna, until the redness has disappeared.
  • Do not swim in chlorinated or salt water until the skin irritation has gone.
  • Do not use peels until a week after waxing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the appropriate length of hair for hair removal?
    bikini, underarms from 1.5mm to 3mm
    legs from 2mm to 5mm

Is waxing painful?
    The first waxing is the least enjoyable, each subsequent wax is a lot less painful.

Is it possible to sunbathe immediately after surgery?
    Tanning after surgery is not recommended because the skin is irritated.

How soon after surgery will the hairs begin to grow again?
    Treatments must be repeated every two or three weeks. It depends on the number of procedures performed, the more waxing then the less they regrow.

Top lip / chin / cheeks 15 minutes 20/15/15 zł
Under arms 15 minutes 35 zł
Entire hand 35 minutes 50 zł
Forearm / arm 25 minutes 40 zł
Calves 25 minutes 40 zł
Thighs 25 minutes 50 zł
Whole Leg 45 minutes 90 zł
Small Bikini 15 minutes 35 zł
Brazilian Bikini 30 minutes 90 zł
Back 30 minutes >50 zł
Chest 10 minutes 30 zł
Rear 15 minutes 30 zł

* the price can vary depending on the materials used

Body piercing

We offer a wide selection of fashionable ear piercings. We use SYSTEM 75 and Studex - they meet all the requirements of hygiene and sterility, and are compatible with all European standards on hygiene. We guarantee the highest quality and the highest safety standards every time. During treatment, the professional performing the piercing never touches the client's ear.

By using the camera of the SYSTEM 75 you will have a perfectly silent, painless ear piercing. Forget the characteristic sound, which strike fear into children. Thanks to this solution, and a thin needle, the earring wound heals much faster.

The SYSTEM 75 range includes earrings made of 14 and 18-carat gold and titanium, which reduces the risk of allergic reactions (other earrings are available on request).

Ears 30 minutes 80 zł
Cartilage 30 minutes 60 zł