Permanent Makeup

What is Permanent Makeup?

Fine acupuncture needles are inserted into the skin to introduce delicate pigments. The technique can draw or correct eyebrows, lines on the eyelids or lips. The various pigments are applied permanently to the skin to highlight individual beauty.

How long do the results last?

Depending on the type and color of the skin 2-5 years. When the colors begin to fade, it allows you to opt for something else, a whole new, individually tailored image.

Are there any risks?

The dyes, needles and equipment used are surgical grade and are 100% legal to meet the hygiene requirements and the highest standards. Prior to surgery we apply a local anesthetic to the area. The procedure takes between 20-90 minutes. After surgery there may be some slight swelling and redness. This usually subsides after 2 hours.

Who is permanent makeup recommended for?

  • For all those who prefer not to where regular makeup (including athletes and people visiting a sauna), and yet would like to look more beautiful and young
  • Those who have little time for make-up
  • Those with poor vision who may have problems applying makeup
  • For all women and men with irregularly shaped eyebrows, small eyes, with pale lips, mouthes, or lashes
  • And all who would like to make a durable correction to their natural beauty

* The price includes 2 visits: An initial treatment first and a supplementary appointment later in the month. Each additional visit is an extra 100 zł. A Refresh of makeup after a year has a 100 zł deduction from the initial price.


Full Eyes 90 minutes 700 zł
Top lashes 60 minutes 400 zł
Lower lashes 40 minutes 400 zł
Decorative Top lashes 60 minutes 500 zł


Contour 200 minutes 700 zł
Contour with Shading 120 minutes 800 zł
Full outline 120 minutes 900 zł

Eye Brows

Standard Method 120 minutes 800 zł
Feathering Method 100 minutes 800 zł


Day-to-day/Business Makeup

Daily makeup should be almost invisible. It has to subtly emphasize your beauty, giving the impression as if it were not there. Giving a natural healthy-looking complexion takes special care. Therefore, the most important cosmetic is a moisturizing and brightening primer. This should carefully fuse with the skin. Eyes are emphasized with mascara and lip gloss applied to the lips. You can also use the shadows, but definitely only toned colors, close to natural, like beiges, grays, pastel roses. Rose colors are used to revive the face. We use it sparingly, however, so that it is not too noticeable. It is the perfect makeup for school or every day work.

50 minutes 120 zł
Special Occasion/Evening Makeup

Evening make-up should be visible yet subtle. First of all it should emphasize the lips and eyes. Therefore we use sharp and decisive shadow colors. Purple, brown and graphite look good on the eyelids. Younger people can afford a bit of extravagance and go crazy with a green or blue. Red lips, depending on the skin in warm or cool tones. Currently, there are two types of makeup. The first is referred to as '60s - elegant, feline like eyes, and red highlights to the lips. For shadows we use: blue, various shades of purple, garnet, graphite. The essential component of these is that they are smoky. A neutral version can be used during the day. The second trend is party/clubbing makeup. It is intended to express joy, youthfulness and fun. With this you can go crazy. We primarily use contrasts, false eyelashes or even crayon drawings on the cheeks, which is why this type of makeup is definitely not suitable for the day.

60 minutes 120 zł
Effortless Wedding Makeup

The wedding day is a special moment for all brides, so we want to make sure they look exceptional! Dress, hairstyle, makeup and accessories are essential elements that must work with each other. Do not forget, however, that the most important thing is it should be fun, so to feel confident a future bride should use the services of a stylist. Makeup is designed to highlight key features, cover up any blemishes or dark circles under the eyes and most importantly it must survive the entire day and night, so it has to be waterproof, durable, and made of highest quality cosmetics. It is necessary to perform at least one makeup test, to choose the colors for the construction of the eye, face shape and type of look, to test cosmetics (for any allergies), and above all ensure that the bride is 100% happy with her look.

Everything must be planned and agreed in advance. Let us remember that the wedding will be an unforgettable day, usually immortalized in pictures and movies. Currently popular colors include pastel shades of pink, beige, ivory, lavender with added mixes of gray, golds, chocolates, but when choosing the shadows, be sure to use color additives. Do not forget the new Mr too! A discrete powder on the face will not be visible and will add confidence to all future husbands. He will also look as elegant as the lady at his side.

What should the bride bring with her?
    Lipstick or lip glosses
    Powdered to give a matte look to the face before shooting

60 minutes 120 zł
Effortless Wedding Makeup with Trial 120 minutes 220 zł

* The price of evening and bridal makeup includes the application of fake lashes