Body Rituals

Anti-Cellulite Iron from Abacosun

Recieve a 10% discount when purchasing a set of 6 treatments, 15% discount with 8 treatments, and 20% discount with 10 treatments.

Anti-Cellulite Iron from Abacosun 20 minutes 70 zł
Anti-Cellulite Iron from Abacosun 30 minutes 100 zł
Anti-Cellulite Iron from Abacosun 40 minutes 120 zł


Recieve a 10% discount when purchasing a set of 6 treatments, 15% discount with 8 treatments, and 20% discount with 10 treatments.

Carbosyntheraphy 30 minutes 100 zł
Carbosyntheraphy 40 minutes 200 zł


Back peel 15 minutes 50 zł
Chinese Bubble Massage (Cupping) – Slimming

The origins of massage bubbles go back to the ancient times. This massage technique uses a Chinese bubble and has a unique therapeutic effect, bringing relief for various ailments through holistic energy points and warms the body. Massage with Chinese bulbs is a variation of vacuum therapy and is the opposite of compression therapy. The basic technique involves creating a vacuum inside the bubble and allowing the skin and subcutaneous tissue to be sucked up inside. This massage helps with weight loss, tones the body and also improves blood and lymph circulation. It helps in cleansing the body of toxins and excess fluids. In order to get the best results, we offer a series of 10-12 treatments, at least twice a week.

30 minutes 60-80 zł
Back Massage – therapeutic

This therapeutic massage of the back and spine involves manipulating the muscles around your back and shoulders, with particular emphasis on the paraspinal area and the use of techniques to soothe the intervertebral joints of the spine. The massage lasts 30 minutes, after which you feel muscle relaxation, lightness and a reduction in stress levels. In order to maintain the positive effect it is recommended that a series of 8-10 are performed in addition to simple strengthening exercises for the back and abdomen.

30 minutes 60 zł
Foot massage with reflexology 35 minutes 60 zł
Body Scrub 30 minutes 100 zł
Full Body Aromatherapy Massage

This massage is enriched with essential oils of different fragrances according to your personal preferences. All oils provide varying degrees of antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. Proper use of aromatherapy oils stimulates the immune system, increases resistance to infections, improves circulation and relieves pain. In addition the use of essential oils has shown to have a strong improvement on the mind, aiding relaxation and reducing stress.

60 minutes 130 zł
Full Body Aromatherapy Massage 90 minutes 180 zł
Partial Slimming Massage

This massages aims to reduce body fat, drain toxins, regulate body fluids and, more importantly, relax and strengthen muscles and joints subjected to overload of body weight. The techniques used include kneading, compression and body percussion to break down fat cells located deep in the subcutaneous tissue, which can be relatively painful. This massage can be used to help get rid of cellulite as well as aid with slimming and toning the body. Remember, however, that relying on slimming therapy involves only a passive attitude and the use of only a massage will be highly unsatisfactory. Therefore, it is recommended that a proper diet program is followed for best results in conjunction with this treatment.

30 minutes 60-80 zł
Full Body Slimming Massage 60 minutes 100 zł
Candle Massage Ritual: Lavender, Vanilla, Passion fruit, Rose

Candle massage is a treatment that combines massage, aromatherapy and heat from the flame of a candle. Its history comes from the Orient and is becoming more and more popular. Don't be afraid that this painful or unpleasant due to the hot wax, the massage is performed with warm oil with candles, consisting entirely of natural waxes and aromatic blend of essential oils. It does not burn. The oils and waxes in the candle dissolve into a warm, aromatic oil, which is massaged into the body. During treatment, the masseuse constantly ignites and extinguishes the candle - so the wax is warmer and better absorbed in the deep parts of the skin.

The benefits are enormous, not only psychologically but also for the skin. It becomes more elastic, soft to the touch, silky smooth and wrapped in a pleasant aroma. The skin is intensely moisturized, nourished and radiant. A candle massage can bring relief to dry skin, or skin that lacks vitality. It provides deep relaxation and calming by eliminating tension in the body. It can also help in the fight against stretch marks, cellulite, and neutralizes free radicals. This massage is highly recommended for tired people, or those seeking to improve the condition of their skin.

60 minutes 150 zł
Hawaiian "Lomi Lomi Nui" Massage

This is a beautiful, harmonious massage derived from Hawaiian tradition. It is called a massage of "loving hands" and in essence provides acceptance, favor, deep respect and unconditional love. Until recently, it was carried out solely by the Kahuna.

It aims to loosen tight muscles, removing tension and blockages accumulating in the body. "Lomi Lomi Nui" gives a healing and profound transformation. It is an extraordinary journey inside yourself and gives an experience on many levels: body, mind, emotions and spirit.

This massage releases suppressed emotions, it helps to achieve a balance between body, mind and spirit. Supports metabolism, circulatory system of blood and lymph circulation, relaxes joints and muscles. It also helps harmonize the nervous system and stimulates the healing power of our body.

120 minutes 290 zł
Hawaiian "Lomi Lomi Nui" Massage with 4 Hands

"Lomi Lomi Nui" Massage with four hands is an exclusive treatment. Two masseuses, four warm hands and twenty fingers will put you into a blissful state of harmony and relaxation. The massage is performed with relaxing music, which, together with the touch of the masseuses helps you escape reality. Four-handed massages are based on techniques of relaxing and oriental massage. It helps cleanse the body of toxins, frees it from stress and reduces the strain on joints and muscles. It eliminates negative emotions restoring the joy of life.

120 minutes 400 zł
"Lomi Lomi" Massage with warm oil 60 minutes 200 zł
Hot Chocolate Massage 60 minutes 150 zł

*An brief consultation is included with each massage to ensure the massage is focused on the necessary areas (approx 10mins)

Hot Stones

Full Body Hot Stones Massage

Deep relaxation and wellness of the whole body!

Hot stone massage is a deeply relaxing, revitalizing and regenerative treatment. Volcanic basalt stones are chosen for their unique heat storage, which allows us to perform both a hot massage and foot shock therapy. Using a variety of massage techniques with warm or cold stones has the effect of deep relaxation thanks to the flow of positive energy and creating a feeling of balance. The stones used to massage are sourced from specially selected areas of high volcanic activity, and also ecologically clean (eg. Hawaii, Bali).

The stone massage is a combination of several kinds of therapy:

  • Thermotherapy - hot stones deeply warm up the body, relaxing and relieving muscle tension
  • Draining - heat stimulates blood circulation to speed up the elimination of waste products and absorption of nutrients
  • Acupressure - the pressure stones cause relaxation
  • Aromatherapy - essential oils are used for a relaxing massage and to nourish the skin

The stones are heated in special heaters used for body massage and acupressure. Different size stones are adapted to massage different parts of the body.

60 minutes 160 zł
Full Body Hot Stones Massage 90 minutes 200 zł
Hot Stones Massage for Back 30 minutes 80 zł

Thermal Touch Treatments

Thermal Touch Treatments combine elements of thermal spa treatments and Body Therapy, but have a focus on specific parts of the body. They can be performed alone or incorporated into any facial treatment.

Thermal Slimming and Detoxifying Therapy combined with Abacosun anti cellulite iron. 150 minutes 300 zł
Thermal Touch- Hands and Arms

Your hands and arms will experience a deep relief thanks to the paraffin used in this treatment. The treatment is designed to clean, peel, moisturize and nourish the hands and arms so that they are smoother, luminous, healthier and refreshed.

20 minutes 90 zł
Thermal Touch- Neckline

A nourishing, moisturizing and protecting treatment for one of the most delicate parts of the body. Maintaining optimal cleavages skin health is no less important than the care of facial skin. Improved appearances can be achieved through proper hydration, nutrition and regeneration of damaged skin or skin’s irritations

15 minutes 60 zł
Thermal Touch- Back

Excellent cleansing treatment and relief for your back’s tight muscles. Relaxes muscles and combats back acne.

30 minutes 90 zł
Thermal Touch- Feet

This is an excellent procedure that can be integrated into your pedicure or performed as a separate treatment. It’s time to give your feet attention they deserve. This treatment provides exfoliation and hydration for healthy and nourished feet that will give them the energy to carry you through your days.

20 minutes 50 zł
Thermal Touch- Head

Every day, stress accumulates in our heads. Relax while your hair and skin are exposed to ocean minerals and essential nutrients necessary for healthy skin. This therapeutic and nourishing treatment is the perfect addition to a short hands or feet massage to help you completely get rid of the tension stored in your body.

20 minutes 50 zł


Physiotherapy Consultation 60 minutes 160 zł
Manual therapy 60 minutes 160 zł