Face Treatments

Anti-Wrinkle Iron from Abacosun

Face & Neck 60 minutes 70 zł
Face & Neck & Cleavage 90 minutes 100 zł

IQ Lift Thermal

IQ Lift Thermal 10 minutes 50 zł

Dermalogica Treatments

Acupressure Massage from Dermalogica 25 minutes 50 zł
Micro Zone

Take care of your skin during the lunch break!

Tight schedules of our clients motivate us to constantly evolve and create solutions that meet their needs. Dermalogica research team created a unique solution that fits any schedule- a 20 min long, intense and very focused treatment called MicroZone.


  • Reliable Diagnosis
  • Time efficiency
  • Comfortable and relaxing environment
  • Precision based on unique ingredients used in Dermalogica products

Impeccable health is a synonym of perfection which we chase every day. Short time needed to for this treatment makes it a perfect choice for those of us who are very active and value every minute of every day.

20 minutes 70 zł
UltraCalming Basic Treatment

Perfect treatment for dry skin- soothing, calming and moisturizing.

This deeply moisturizing treatment is perfect for those with normal or dry skin that tends to dry up or flake. It restores skin's natural protective barrier and thanks to concentrated herbal ingredients in Dermalogica products, it deeply hydrates, nourish and regenerates the skin.


  • Hydrated, smooth and soft to touch skin
  • Clearly reduced feeling of skin tension

75 minutes 110-130 zł
UltraCalming Extended Treatment

Perfect treatment for dry and irritated skin- soothing, calming and moisturizing.

This intensely moisturizing treatment was developed for the needs of dehydrated, damaged by the sun skin. It deeply moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates the skin and improves its the functioning as a natural protective barrier.

During this treatment we use a combination of exfoliating hydroxy-acids, vitamins, plant extracts and Dermalogica's energizing massage techniques. Exfoliation of dead cells allows for better absorption of active substances and stimulates the production of new, well-nourished cells, so you can enjoy hydrated, perfectly smooth and refreshed skin.


  • Hydrated, smooth and soft to touch skin
  • Clearly reduced feeling of skin tension

75 minutes 130-150 zł
MediBac Basic Cleansing Treatment

Perfect treatment for skin with acne problem.

This treatment is perfect for those with skin prone to inflammation and acne. The treatment effectively reduces the skin changes caused by acne. It also soothes and regenerates the skin, and helps prevent new outbreaks.

Benefits of treatment:

  • Clean pores
  • Clean, fresh and delicate skin
  • Elimination of blackheads and pimples

75 minutes 150-180 zł
MediBac Extended Cleansing Treatment

Perfect treatment for mature skin with acne problem.

MediBac therapy is the first professional treatment designed to treat acne among adults . Each product within the MediBac line contains a unique composition of ingredients that purify, sooth and regenerate the skin, so that you can fight acne and prevent premature aging of the skin at the same time.

Benefits of treatment:

  • Restored radiance of the skin
  • Noticeable reduction of redness and irritations
  • Noticeable reduction of acne

75 minutes 180-200 zł
Age Smart Basic Treatment

Regenerating anti-aging treatment, perfect for those with dehydrated skin.

This intense repairing treatment stimulates the natural regeneration processes of the skin and prevents its premature aging. It also nourishes and regenerates tired skin and gives it a healthy glow. Active exfoliation used during this facial stimulates the production of natural collagen and elastin, which tightens the skin.


  • Skin is visibly radiant and revitalized
  • Deeply renewed and tight skin
  • Condition of the skin is clearly improved

75minutes 180-210 zł
AgeSmart Extended Treatment

Intensive rejuvenating treatment

This intense anti-aging treatment is based on a line of innovative products developed based on advanced research focusing on control of biochemical reactions leading to aging of the tissues. It visibly smooths, illuminates and nourishes and tightens the skin.


  • Skin is visibly radiant and revitalized
  • Deeply renewed and tight skin
  • Condition of the skin is clearly improved

75 minutes 230-260 zł
BioSurface Peel 60 minutes 180 zł

* Face Mapping is included in the price of each Dermalogica treatment

DERMALOGICA treatments are formulated individually for each client, taking into consideration the specific requirements of the skin. At the core of each treatment is a consultation and professional diagnosis of the heath and condition of the skin, called Face Mapping. Face Mapping allows us to tailor the treatments to your skin's specific needs.

Medical Peels

Acid M-Peel with 40% Almond Oil

M-Peel 20% (30% mandelic acid, 10% azelaic acid)

This fatty acid blend is ideal for sensitive skin in need of regeneration and smoothing fine lines. It lightens discolorations and evens out the skin tone. It will quickly improves the condition of oily skin by reducing sebum secretions, removing blackhead and reducing inflammation.

Recommended For:

Sensitive skin, photoaging, hyperpigmentation, lentigines, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, oily, seborrheic dermatitis, acne punctata, maculopapular pustular acne, rosacea


  • 4-8 Treatments every 10-30 days
  • The treatment can be repeated 2 times a year with a minimum 3-month break

* A minimum series of 4 treatments is 130 zł

30 minutes 170 zł
Salicylic Acid S-Peel

S-Peel 20% (15% salicylic acid, 5% pyruvic acid, 0.1% retinol, pH 1.5)

This fatty acid blend is ideal for mature and oily skin. It helps with problems like scars and even stretch marks. Salicylic acid has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. The content of pyruvic acid stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, as well as moisturizing. Retinol prevents wrinkles and reduces existing ones. It also minimizes discoloration.

Recommended For:

Mature skin, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, skin greasy, seborrheic dermatitis, pustular acne, acne punctata, enlarged pores


  • 4-8 Treatments every 10-30 days

* A minimum series of 4 treatments is 130 zł

30 minutes 170 zł
Glycolic acid G-Peel

G-Peel 40 % (40% glycolic acid)

This acid is ideal for mature skin with signs of aging and with hyperpigmentation. It is also used as a preparation for other face treatments. Glycolic acid improves the smoothness of the skin, reducing the depth of wrinkles and increasing skin thickness. It helps reduce the visibility of the enlarged pores, reduces acne scars and evens out the skin tone.

Recommended For:

Mature skin, wrinkles, acne scars, oily skin, seborrheic dermatitis, enlarged pores.


  • 4-8 treatments every 10-14 days

* A minimum series of 4 treatments is 130 zł

30 minutes 170 zł
TCA Peel 15% 30 minutes 220 zł
RETISES CT Exoliating Treatment with Retinol & Vitamin C

Want to quickly and effectively improve your skin without sacrificing daily activities? Select our RETISES CT simple and painless procedure! The effects are comparable to that of more aggressive chemical peels, but unlike them does not cause skin irritation immediately after the treatment. It is recommended for skin pigmentation, stretch marks, and flabby and dull skin.


Thanks to the strong effect of retinol and vitamin C, RETISES CT removes dead skin cells, stimulates cell renewal and protein synthesis. It also increases the level of NMF (natural moisturizing factor).


Skin is left tight and radiant. Discolorations become less visible and it reduces the likelihood of any new discolorations forming. This is the perfect treatment for even the most demanding of clients, because the effect is dazzling.

30 minutes 250 zł
Pca Skin Sensi Peel 220zł + 50zł retinol Promotion
Pca Skin Ultra Peel 220zł + 50zł retinol Promotion

* Cosmetic consultation's are included in the price of each treatment

Microneedle MediLift Mesotherapy

MediLift is an amazing innovation in microneedle mesotherapy technology. The device allows us to perform complex biorevitalization skin procedures. Biorevitalization of the skin is a complicated,deeply stimulating process that aids skin repair. There are very pieces of equipment on the market for cosmetology that are able to provide such a deep skin stimulation whilst at the same time remaining safe.

Basic Face, Neck & Neckline Treatment 45 minutes 150 zł
Extended Face, Neck & Neckline Treatment 60 minutes 200 zł
Deluxe Face, Neck & Neckline Treatment 75 minutes 250 zł

Needleless Mesotherapy

What is Needleless Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy allows active ingredients to penetrate the skin to the depth necessary for the surgical procedures. It is a modern, non-invasive and effective aesthetic solution used to combat various skin imperfections.

What skin problems can be treated using Needleless Mesotherapy?

The technology is used in anti-cellulite treatments, stretch mark reduction, as well as restoring skin firmness, and skin regeneration, moisturization and rejuvenation.

What is unique about needleless mesotherapy?

During the treatment there is no break in the skin, and there is no risk of a skin irritation, muscle twitching or inflammation. It is a completely non-invasive method and does not require the use of a conductive gel. The ingredients are mixture of ionic, nonionic and lipid.

What is electroporation?

Electroporation not only allows the active ingredients to penetrate easily through the outer layer of the epidermis, but also increases the permeability of cell membranes. Thanks to this, the micronutrients applied to the affected area of skin can easily and quickly penetrate deeper into the core of the cells. The device emits electromagnetic pulses which open pores of the cell membranes and allow the active ingredients to be introduced into the cell.

What are the benefits?

Mesotherapy provides regeneration of the skin at the cellular level. Thanks to the direct deep reach of the ingredients into the cells, the method give very impressive results in removing skin imperfections. It also helps combat cellulite, eliminates lose skin, and rejuvenates and visibly improves the appearance of cells. To be effective, the treatment should be performed between 6 to 10 times.

What will you feel during the procedure?

The procedure is non-invasive and completely painless, although it is accompanied by some very small discomfort. The penetration is perceived as only a mild tingling.

How long does the procedure take?

The length of treatment depends on the area of skin to which the active substances are delivered.

How often should you perform surgery?

The treatment is performed once a week across a series of 6 to 10 sessions.

Who should avoid this type of treatment?

Mesotherapy should not be performed on pregnant women, people with a pacemaker, those who suffer from epilepsy or those with a history of acne.

Mesotherapy 20 minutes 50 zł
Mesotherapy for Face + Neck with Facial Massage and Mask 60 minutes 180 zł
Mesotherapty for Face + Neck + Neckline with Facial Massage and Mask 60 minutes 250 zł
Mesotherapty for Face + Neck with Facial Massage, Mask and Acid Peel 60 minutes 300 zł

Cavitation Peels

Cavitation peeling for surgery

The use of modern digital equipment is a painless alternative to traditional peel methods. Cavtitation peels increase the absorption of active ingredients into the skin. The non-surgical, intensive skin regeneration system helps treat cellulite and other serious skin problems. The spectacular effects are achieved by combining cavitation sonophoresis and active ingredients using ultrasonic waves.

Cavitation Peel

The ultrasound wave passing through the ingredients forms bubbles filled with small amounts of gas, which grow and pop. Using heat and increased pressure the skin is thoroughly cleaned of its layer of keratin, toxins and secretions from the sebaceous glands.

Advantages of cavitation peeling

  • It removes dead skin cells, blackheads, unblocks and cleanses the pores
  • Painlessly, quickly and thoroughly cleans the skin of the face, neck and neckline
  • Regulates the secretion of sebum
  • Helps in the treatment of acne
  • Lightens discoloration and pigmentation spots and reduces scarring
  • Is safe for those with sensitive skin
  • Disinfects the treated area, preventing the emergence of inflammation
  • It prepares the skin for further cosmetic treatments, increasing its ability to absorb active ingredients

15 minutes 40 zł


One Session 5 minutes 10 zł